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todd-photoHamstra Builders has been in business for over 50 years.  Todd Hamstra, the second-generation owner, got his start by working every summer since the sixth grade with his dad.  Gradually he learned every aspect of the building process form the ground up.  Even when taking college courses, he never stopped working as a builder.  And, when working as a builder he never misses an opportunity to learn and stay current with building science and product development.

“New building trends and quickly changing building codes have a way of causing problems and I like to specialize in prevention,” Hamstra says.

“Whether a client comes to us with an architect and a decorator, or they hardly know where to start, we try to get to know them and their style of life.  We coach them on design in order to best accommodate their needs.  We’ll look at things like age transition, or how the house will continue to fit their needs as they age.

Hamstra adds, “We try to add a personal touch, getting to know our clients and helping them through the building process.

 That has meant we often end up helping them with more than one project, and eventually build for their kids and their neighbors as well.” The company employs six people and specializes in custom homes as well as extensive remodels,  and additions.  Most projects are in Grand Haven and along the Lake Michigan shore.

“We have worked with the same set of subcontractors for years and years,” Hamstra says.  “We work with people who offer great quality and honest prices, and our customers appreciate them.  If we change subs, it’s because someone retired.”

“We have acquired a green building designation, but we discovered that many of our practices were already green.  Our clients have always wanted great air quality and energy efficiency, and more and more they want to use green certified products.”

Todd Hamstra, Owner

 Creating a sustainable future through building preservation, green architecture, and smart design.